Enjoying New Jersey Vacation

New Jersey has always been a great place to live in and visit, but it sure has been in the news a lot lately thanks to the presidential race. You’re always hearing about Governor Chris Christie, his support for Image result for Royal EntertainmentTrump and Trumps failed casinos in Atlantic City. Well, if you’ve never been to New Jersey, Atlantic City is definitely a place to enjoy. Then there are all kinds of other great attractions and things to do like if you are bound to Garfield, there are a lot of family entertainments like what you will have at the Royal Entertainment, it sure is a perfect for a unique family fun.

According to one top travel site, one of the best attractions is a zoo, believe it or not. It’s the Cape May County Park & Zoo. Of course, if you’re going to be in that area, you also want to visit the Cape May Beaches. That’s one of the cool things about visiting New Jersey is that you can enjoy the coast. Did you know that Princeton University is also located in the state? It’s one of the top attractions, so you might want to pay it a visit.

Even singling out one city is going to give you tons of things to do, so you can imagine the entire state could keep you busy for weeks while on vacation. One other unique attraction you might want to add to your list is the Jersey Shore Alpacas. Again, we introduce you to animals, and then we also recommend that you visit Jersey Shore. You’ve certainly heard of that great beach location.

The Ocean City Boardwalk is another great attraction, and then there is the Silverball Pinball Museum, Image result for ocean city boardwalk njtoo. While you’re at Princeton University, you can enjoy the Princeton University Art Museum, too. And, the list continues with wonderful attractions like the Cape May Lighthouse, Hoboken Waterfront Walkway and Storybook Land. Do you like to visit state parks? There is Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Liberty State Park and others to visit.

There are several more cool beaches in New Jersey that haven’t been mentioned yet, too. You were told that Atlantic City is a must see, and that means you are privy to the casinos there. Have you heard of Borgata Casino? There is also a 9/11 Memorial that you can visit in the state of New Jersey as well. Again, you can be kept busy for weeks, and you might want to start with the most heavily populated areas first before anything else. Decide what things you want to do most as you prepare for your New Jersey vacation.

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